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Yellow Pages Advertising Design: Choose Your Expert With Eyes Wide Open!

Even with today’s technology, it’s nearly impossible to construct a persuasive, phone-ringing Yellow Pages advertisement in under 30 minutes. Where did I get thirty minutes from? In 1975, my first gig was designing Yellow Page ads for a large national Yellow Pages publisher. I considered it my “dream job.” Our tight-knit group of creatives would dole out dozens of Yellow Page ads per day, every day. We did our best to make each ad a selling masterpiece BUT we did have a daily quota of 10-15 ads to contend with…Arrange time for breaks, paperwork, etc. and that rate works out to about 30 minutes per ad.
OK, so it takes more than 30 minutes, but why worry about Yellow Page ads?
Even as “online local search” continues to grow at a rapid clip, today’s print Yellow Page directories represent a not-too-shabby $14 billion a year industry, and has morphed into a broader medium that includes BOTH print and online capabilities. In fact, directional media (Yellow Pages, online local search and classified advertising) is expected to top $119 billion by 2010. For all of this, print Yellow Pages are still what they have always been, a very effective means of generating telephone calls and revenue from your most important local prospects.
So if the Yellow Pages designers can’t always produce great ads, who can?
My two year stint working for a Yellow Pages publisher taught me a great deal about ad design and Yellow Pages advertising. But despite a promotion to Art Director status, I soon left the Yellow Pages to start my own graphic design company…
After twenty years of running a successful design studio and servicing Fortune 500 members, the corporate advertising world had become stale and left me underwhelmed. I decided to re-visit the Yellow Pages industry and created a niche service that, at the time, practically didn’t exist: “The Yellow Page Ad Design Specialist.” By improving the message and visual impact in my clients’ Yellow Page ads, I was able to unleash the incredible potential of the medium. Over the last decade, my clients and I have enjoyed phenomenal success, and my niche market has spawned many competitors.
How can you outmaneuver and outsell your Yellow Page competitors?
While designing phenomenal Yellow Page ads takes more than a few tips – it takes real design talent, advertising experience, and expertise in the dynamics of Yellow Page advertising – the very best guidelines for Do-It-Yourselfers can be found in “Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers” written by the late Kerry Randall. It was written for attorneys but its’ principles apply to any business appearing in the Yellow Pages. After exhaustive analysis, Kerry determined that nearly all effective, call-generating Yellow Page ads include six key elements. He taught that all high-performance Yellow Page ads should contain:
  • Strong headlines that command attention and engage readers
  • A laser-sharp focus; a willingness to ignore most readers
  • Arresting, eye-captivating illustrations or photographs
  • Clearly identifiable differences ( from competitive advertisers)
  • Relevant copy (text) that covers less than 50% of the ad space
  • Professional-looking, clutter-free layouts
I’ve developed and been preaching very similar principles to my Yellow Page clients for a decade so I wasn’t overly surprised when Mr. Randall emailed me kudos for our Yellow Page advertising efforts. Kerry’s recent passing was a big loss for the industry but he left behind a sparkling gem of a book that will continue to help countless Yellow Page advertisers. Whether you’re determined to create your very own Yellow Page ad or looking to hire an independent designer, Kerry’s masterful dissertation is an invaluable guide.

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Education Graph in India

With lot of learned men passing through the intellectual land of India, it would not be wrong to say that India is a gifted land of knowledge and learning. With the ancient Nalanda- the globally famous University in Bihar, the trend and necessity has now led to the birth of universities and institutions like Delhi University, IIT, IIM, NIIT, AIIMS and the like. Whereas earlier the high dignitary gurus used to oversee the functioning of education centers, we now have specially assigned education ministers to maintain educational law and order. In a nutshell, Education in India has changed, and mostly for the better. With a keen interest to achieve 100% literacy rate, few Indian states have achieved the benchmark and are raising the bar for imparting higher education to all. If we talk about the Indian Education System, it is divided in the following stages:
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Higher Secondary
  • Senior Secondary
  • Graduation
  • Post Graduation
These various stages of Education, set by the Indian Education Ministry, are instrumental in an individual’s growth. Thus to ensure consistency in the overall development of the individual, first 12 years of education are made basic for all. Graduation and Post Graduation though depends upon person’s academic interest. The various fields that are available for a graduate and/or post graduate are: – Engineering and technology, teaching, medicine, law, agriculture, veterinary, polytechnic and others. The crazes for education has become so much that students are learning the courses through distance learning and through various courses available online.
Many online coaching centers and institutions have built up to provide students with platforms that can hone their skills. Advanced degrees are available online, such as MA, MS, BA, BS, PhD. MBA, etc. The vogue/frenzy of getting educated is so much that many online universities/institutions have achieved government accreditation, so that scholars can be rest assured of the authenticity of their degrees. And with the subsequent rise in demand and supply of education, the colleges/ institutions/ universities are also trying their best to mark a nail in the fence and to live up to the competition, they are advertising in all extremes.

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How to Use the Inverted Pyramid For Essay Writing

Those who have taken a journalism class have probably come across the “inverted pyramid” concept. Simply put, this refers to the style of news reporting which puts all the pertinent details at the top of the story. Right from the first paragraph, the reader gets to know the “who, where, when, what, why and how” of a story, with the remainder of the work serving to fill in the details.
While not a popular approach for writing class essays, this is actually a very valid structure. In fact, when students ask me to recommend simple essay formats, this is among the ones I suggest.
The inverted pyramid works great for different types of essays, from character profiles to descriptive essays to reviews. However, it is far from being the most creative approach. Neither will it make for the most compelling reading. For the most part, this is a great approach if you’re short on time.
How so? News writers tend to write pieces very fast – that’s because this structure lends itself very well to that. Because you’ve already spent the starting paragraphs filling in the general details, it saves you from having to introduce major elements in the body. As such, writing becomes very straightforward and factual. Pair it with a high-quality writing software and you’re golden. Similarly, this also allows for faster editing. You can literally shave multiple sentences from the trunk down and retain the essence of the piece, since the pertinent details are all laid out at or near the head.

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It is very useful to learn and memorise useful phrases for writing Spanish essays – this is probably the easiest way to improve your essays and hence your marks as a Spanish beginner.
This article is a collection of Spanish phrases to firstly help you start and conclude a Spanish essay; secondly how to present themes and argue points, and finally contains a range of connectives to make a Spanish essay flow more naturally.
The first sentence…
Voy a discutir acerca del tema de…
Voy a hablar sobre…
Voy a discutir
Introducing your opening argument…
Para empezar – to begin with
Al principio – at the start
En primer lugar – to begin with
Introducing new themes and arguments…
Para continuar – to continue
Para ilustrar… – to illustrate…
Concluding the essay…
Por fin – in short
Finalmente – finally
Para concluir – to conclude
En conclusión – in conclusion
Para terminar – to finish
En resumen – in summary
Presenting an argument…
Por un lado – on the one hand
Por otro lado – on the other hand
En cambio – in contrast
Por otra parte – on the other hand
Hay que tomar en cuenta – you have to take into account
Indicating time…
Durante – during
Mientras – while
Mientras tanto – meanwhile
Despues de infinitive – after
Antes de infinitive – before
Luego – then
Entonces – then
Because / as a result of…
A causa de – because
Como consecuencia de – as a consequence of
Debido a – due to
Porque – because
Como resultado – as a result
Spanish connectives and conjunctions…
Además – in addition, moreover
También – also
Sin embargo – however
A pesar de – in spite of
Así (que) – so
Aunque – although
Sino que – but
Pero – but
Por ejemplo – for example
Common subjunctive triggers…
Es probable que
Es necesario que
No creo que
Dudo que
Aconsejo que
Espero que
Quiero que
Presenting opinions (no subjunctive)
Creo que – I believe/ think
Pienso que – I think
Opino que – In my opinion
En mi opinión – in my opinion
Afotunadamente – fortunately
Desafortunadamente – unfortunately
Me parece que – it seems to me
Por eso – therefore
Por lo tanto – therefore
Por consiguiente – therefore
Asi – so
Other useful Spanish words / phrases
Todavía – still
Ya – already / now
Apenas – scarcely (casi no)
En realidad – in reality
Actualmente – currently
Ahora mismo – right now
En seguida – immediately
Hoy en día – nowadays
The most… is that
Lo mejor es que
Lo malo es que
Lo importante es que
Common uses of the imperfect subjunctive in Spanish
Si tuviera… – if I had… (notes: this should be followed by a verb in the conditional tense)
Si fuera… – if I was… (as above)

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Paper-Writing Help for the ADHD Student

Children with ADHD have an abundance of creative ideas but they often have difficulty organizing them and putting them down on paper. Some research suggests that inattention and lack of focus isn’t just their only problem at school; they have difficulty accomplishing writing assignments as well. Students with ADHD take a while to get started writing a paper because they are overwhelmed with possible essay topics, encounter difficulties finding the right sources, and have trouble sequencing their thoughts and organizing the ideas properly.
Don’t let these hurdles keep your child from accomplishing his or her writing assignment. Here are some things you can do to help your child write a paper.
Build skills slowly
Every night, while doing homework, spend fifteen to twenty minutes asking your child to write a paragraph expounding on a sentence’s ideas. As your child’s skills improve, your child can write more paragraphs until a page is filled.
Teach your child a note system
Using post-its, ask your child to write ideas or notes on a topic that interests him or her. Notes that contain similar ideas should be grouped together. This will help your child identify the major themes that should be included in the paper.
Help choose topics
Children with ADHD have inquisitive minds that are easily fascinated. Although this is normally a good trait, it also makes it difficult for them to make decisions and narrow down topic ideas. Help your child come up with a paper topic by having him or her list all possible topics. Your child will have an easier time writing a paper on a subject that he or she finds exciting or that he or she already knows something about. Review each idea together and eliminate topics one at a time until only one is left.
Encourage journal writing
Give your child a blank notebook as a present and encourage him or her to write down thoughts.
Stock up on books
Voracious readers often make good writers. Keep buying books to introduce your child to new ideas, vocabulary words, and different ways of thinking. Explore these ideas by asking questions about the story to encourage your child’s critical thinking.
Work on the paper slowly
If the task is broken down into more manageable portions, your child won’t be too overwhelmed by the work. Map out a schedule for the project and give out deadlines. Ask your child to spend around half an hour everyday working on the paper and aim to get parts of it done in a span of several days.

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Writing a Top Level University Essay

There are several leaps that a person takes from high school to graduation. The rule is that the more knowledge you gain, the better should be your way of presenting of information. May it be a simple test paper or a project submission, its level keeps increasing with increase of familiarity with that subject.
A university-level essay is usually characterized by several key features contained in it. The topic has a wide point of view. This does not mean it is vague. The job of describing it in a unique way is the prime role and responsibility of a writer; such discussions are given more weight-age by professors. Clarity of thoughts must be presented via the paper in a chronological manner. It is equally important to put individual views in the essay instead of directly using vague content. This shows that you are well-researched and have developed an opinion, enough to write an essay about the topic. It gives a customized feel to the essay, which will be appreciated in your mark-sheet.
To start with, create questions using the topic given to you. This will help you in your research work before starting to draft the essay. Next, support each point that you put in your essay with appropriate evidence. The books, articles or websites that you referred to, in your research work, will provide this evidence. The way in which you select these evidences and apply them aptly in your essay is where your own opinion and creativity shall be seen. Theories and incidents can be used as evidences.
All that you research need not be added to your essay. It does not require proficient skills to select the typical data to be used but logical thinking. It is important to carefully consider the idea and review its conclusions before putting it in your work. An important feature of good writers is that they do not keep reviewing again and again, but they re-draft. After the first draft, revise your essay extensively and then re-draft accordingly.
Careful selection of words and language used in the essay gives it more stability and firmness. All academic essays should be written in a formal style. Cliches should be avoided, and should possess contractions and personalized descriptions. An essay should be differentiated from a speech, which is more informal. Hence, sentences like ‘well, that sounded quite right’ should strictly be disregarded. Such sentences give a casual outlook to the entire essay. Words like ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘maybe’ create a vague image in the mind of the reader. A strong and certain belief must be expressed by the choice of words.

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Term Paper on Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Time and Decay
Eventually, time and decay effect everything. Shakespeare uses this theme in many of his sonnets. The sonnets give no hint of an afterlife and express that nothing survives time. Shakespeare used numerous methods to depict this theme including personification, metaphors and similes. Even though Shakespeare says that time destroys everything, he also addresses how to “defeat” time to a degree. One way to “defeat” time is to marry and have children. A person’s offspring will in some measure carry him or her on throughout time. Shakespeare also believed that poetry is immortal and those who are featured in them will be also. He offers this immortality to his friend and the dark lady. This paper will examine the theme of time and decay in sonnets 15, 18, and 73.
In sonnet 15, Shakespeare writes about the changes that people go through and maturity. In it the sonnet states that perfection only lasts for a little time. He writes, “When I consider every thing that grows holds in perfection but a little moment…” (lines 1 -2). He compares men to plants and says that they display themselves at the height of their perfection and then are slowly forgotten. In other words life is like a flower that blooms. It bursts out with beauty and then time and decay cause it to slowly wither away to old age and death. In the last couplet of the sonnet, Shakespeare gives his friend a way to win the war with time and decay and implant his beauty again. The way offers this is to be featured in his poetry. What better way to “live on” then to be read about for centuries?
The cycle of the year is used to describe life in sonnet 18. Spring equals youth, summer equals maturity and perfection, fall equals middle age and winter equals old age. Shakespeare writes “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate…And summer’s lease hath all too short a date…” (lines 1,2 and 4). He is saying to his friend that he is in the height of his perfection right now, but it will not last for very long. Again towards the end of the sonnet he tells him that he shall conquer time and decay by being immortal in his poetry “But thy eternal summer shall not fade…When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st” (lines 9 and 12).
Sonnet 73 is a little different because Shakespeare is making a plea to the dark lady because their love is dying. The whole sonnet has indications of fall such as “That time of year thou mayst in me behold when yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang…” (lines 1 and 2). This is making use of the cycle of the year again and he is expressing that he is in middle age and soon approaching twilight or death

“In me thou seest the twilight of such a day

As after sunset fadeth in the west;
Which by and by black night doth take away,
Death’s second self that seals up all in rest.” (Lines 5-8)
He is saying that he is past his moment of perfection and that death will come soon. Time and decay have started to affect him. In the last couplet of the sonnet he states that the dark lady should value him more because he won’t be here for long, instead of forgetting him because he is no longer in his moment of perfection.

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